Garage Door Refinishing and Garage Door Restoration

Who are We?

San Diego Garage Door Refinishing is a division of Deck Doctor Restoration, San Diegos leader in exterior wood care for over 17 years. We take weathered, peeling garage doors and restore them to a thing of beauty! Stripping, sanding, staining, sealing — we take all the necessary steps to achieve maximum results. Not only do we restore these doors to their original beauty, we preserve them to last many years to come.

Let us make that weathered door look like a piece of art!

What Is Garage Door Refinishing and Garage Door Restoration?

Wooden Garage Door Restoration involves the process or taking an old, weatherd garage door and restoring it to its orginal beauty! Using Sanding, Staining and Pressure Washing, we can restore the damage that time, sun exposure, rain and general weather pains that made the garage door lose its orginal shine. When the look of the wood starts to deteriorate, we can help!

What is Involved in a Garage Door Wood Restoration

The process of Wooden Garage Door Restoration involves sanding the door with different sanding tools and replaceing any wood of the garage door that may be damaged. To begin, a belt sander will be used to remove most of the old finish on the wooden garage door. We then may use liquid strippers to help get rid of residules from any paneling that may have been used – making it ready for your new wood stain to be applied to your garage door.

Once the sanding is completed, a proper wooden garage door refinishing job requires hand sanders and small area tools. This way, no imperfection will stay behind once the job is complete. After a complete sanding, we clean the dust to provide a smooth surface for your new wood stains.

A wooden garage door can be stained any color – even if the orginal stain was a different color! After staining, we allow time for the stain to set and dry, usually about a day. We can protect the wooden garage door with all-weather sealant that helps keep sun damage and rain pour affects at a minimum, ensuring that your refinished garage door lasts a long time.

Some of the Benefits for a Professional Garage Door Restoration

  • New Look of a Wooden Garage Door
  • Change of Wood Finish to your Garage Door
  • Increases the perceived value of a home
  • Weather Sealing Prevents Deteriation

What Is The Cost For Wood Garage Door Restoration?

The cost of a wood garage door restoration can vary on the amount of damage, this is why we offer free estimates! Please give us a call at (858) 633-3184 so we can set up an appointment and get your garage looking like new!

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