Adam Evans – 5 Things to Look at When Your Garage Door Won’t Close Have you ever tried to close the garage door, only to find that it comes down halfway and then goes…

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  1. leroytheboss
    6 years ago

    When the remote is pushed I hear a sound but no light or movement on the
    garage door?

  2. Cook & Garden Tallah Farms
    6 years ago

    Thanks. Had no idea about those safety sensors and sure enough, one was
    detached. When I remounted it, it worked fine! ?

  3. Steve Joy
    6 years ago

    is there a fuse to replace in my door opener??

  4. Riley Schroeder
    6 years ago

    Thanks!! We just moved into our new place and was wondering what the heck
    was going on & I’ve never had a grave before and problem was solved in the
    first minute. Thanks!?

  5. Dino DiPaolo
    6 years ago

    Solved my problem in the first 23 seconds. Slapped myself in the head when
    I realized my sensor was probably kicked off by the kids. Sure enough, it
    was. Thanks!?

  6. Robert Moore
    6 years ago

    Thanks…I’m good now!?

  7. negara54
    6 years ago

    LOL at 00.10.
    ‘The first thing you wanna look at are a couple of things’!!?

  8. jjr007
    6 years ago


  9. gardner701
    6 years ago

    Thanks! Fixed my door :)?

  10. Oscar Rojas
    6 years ago

    Thank you. I had an alignment problem!!!?

  11. Scott Ferguson
    6 years ago

    i think I have an alighment problem, one side eye is green, other side eye
    is yellow the door comes up about 6 inches then goes back down what can I
    do and can I disconnect the eyes all together??

  12. VeRoHdezM
    6 years ago

    Thx.. Very helpfull ?????

  13. Dat Accounting
    6 years ago

    Thank you!! We prob just saved a lot of $$ by following your expert
    Very Happy!!!?