Garage Door Help : How to Adjust the Chain on a Garage Door Opener

The chain is a very important component that makes up a garage door opener system. Adjust the chain on a garage door opener with help from a garage door specialist in this free video clip….

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  1. Mike L
    6 years ago

    nice job, thanks?

  2. thanksfernuthin
    6 years ago

    Thanks Jake. That looked like what I needed to do but it’s nice to see it
    done first.?

  3. Rachel Potter
    6 years ago

    thanks Jake!?

  4. juanjohnism
    6 years ago

    You a retard. You should show a before and after close up shot. ?

  5. Blu-TSX
    6 years ago

    Chain hang low?

  6. Hyundaifixer
    6 years ago

    does it matter if the door is open or closed?? I don’t hear it mentioned in
    the video’s.

  7. Robert Daniels
    6 years ago

    worked perfectly, thanks

  8. jon hoisington
    6 years ago

    Our door was going up 2-3′ and stopping, The chain was hanging low, the
    video made the chain adjustement a breeze. The door was still doing the
    same thing. The over head track j(ust below the chain) had a lot of dirt. I
    sprayed carb cleaner on it and wiped it down. There is the mechanism that
    moves along the track below the chain, I used bicycle chain lube on it and
    the track below the chain, that did the trick. If the track gets built up
    on it it causes friction.

  9. Abdulaziz Alkaltham
    6 years ago

    Nice work you guys that helps me a lot. However, I did fix the chain but
    the door open half way and then stop. It closed okay but problem with
    opining! Any idea?

  10. youewe
    6 years ago

    Safety Warning: The video doesn’t mention to unplug the unit before
    performing this maintenance. If you do not do so, you run the risk of the
    opener engaging and hurting yourself – even with “vacation mode” set.
    Other: 1) The trolley is to be disengaged while adjusting the tension
    (Liftmaster website example). 2) The slack between the chain and the rail
    should be 1/2 inch at the midpoint when opened (easy using a folding ruler
    with the last section at 90 degrees)

  11. ETWFJ
    6 years ago

    What can be done if the chain will not stop twisting every time it is used.
    It new and the other one working perfectly!

  12. Lynch Mobsiab
    6 years ago

    if u adjust it too tight, will it whats cause to not open

  13. Gary Pierce
    6 years ago

    Thanks very much… it took me all of two minutes… works perfectly. Sure
    beats the service call that would’ve cost $80…

  14. Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1
    6 years ago

    Thanks for your video. My chain was coming loose, tightened it up just like
    the video demo, but garage door wouldn’t open. I noticed that I couldn’t
    even manually lift the door. Spring that goes across the top is broken,
    thus the strain of opening was stretching the chain. Getting spring
    replaced for $250. Thanks.

  15. Goby
    6 years ago

    Quick easy 5 minute fix thanks to your video