Garage Door Opener Issues?

Several weeks ago, the door switch for our garage door opener quit working but we are still able to open the door via the remotes from our cars. Since then, the garage door has been opening randomly without us pressing the buttons. Any clue to how it can be fixed or should we be shopping for a new garage door opener?

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  1. Wonder
    6 years ago

    Check for cobwebs along the edge of the door and anywhere near the infrared beam sensors. Make sure there aren’t any exposed wires attached to the door opener button.


  2. Gobyknows
    6 years ago

    Your garage door is opening randomly because someone in y6our neighborhood has the same frequency as you do on their garage door. It could also be someone with a CB radio setting it off. When I was young I lived just north of Montgomery Alabama where 2 air force bases were. The planes going overhead were setting off our garage door when they would use their radios to call the tower. You simply need to re code your garage door frequency. Inside the remote there is a row of small slide switches by the battery or under the plastic cover of the remote. Generally there are 8 switches in a row. reset the switches to another setting… any setting you like…then do the other remote the same way…exactly the same way. Next there is a row of switches in the box part of the garage opener. Might be close to the antenna receiver. code it the same as the remotes. replace all the covers and then test the remotes… your random opening nightmare should be over.

  3. Pi Man
    6 years ago

    I suspect your “door switch” is the type that is wired to the garage door opener. That switch (or the wiring to it) could be shorting out causing the random opening.

    Disconnect the switch’s wires at the garage door opener. While you’re up there, clean away any cobwebs and/or other debris around the opener.

    If the door opens and closes, then you don’t need a new opener. Either live without the door switch, or replace the wiring/switch. For some models they offer a wireless door switch.