How to install a Garage Door From start to finish.

We will demonstrate how a Mesa garage door professional installer will prep, install a new garage door, and remove the old one in under 2 hrs.

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  1. j buck
    6 years ago

    can’t stand the music?

  2. Evermont King
    6 years ago

    that was a nice door you removed… ?

  3. gash dash
    6 years ago

    waste of time and useless video, idiots?

  4. MrPaulie1st
    6 years ago

    why do you add music – horribly distracting…..

  5. Sam Raikoglo
    6 years ago

    Everyone has their own way of installing/removing. On a standard non
    insulated door, i take the top door screws out of all of the hinges, then i
    take off the right side vertical track and take each section off one by
    one. There are some risks involved, but with repetition, for me, it’s the
    fastest and easiest way.

  6. SammyM00782
    6 years ago

    I agree, however in most cases you CAN mount the weather seals first if you
    have adjustable track. I won’t work any other way anymore, it’s so much
    easier and the door ALWAYS works right, even with dutch corners. These guys
    do look pretty hackish though, kinda like the guy below me telling me how
    he can install a 16′ with an opener in under an hour, pure butchery. Now, I
    have a fully insulated door on my detached because I don’t wanna hear it.
    Richards Wilcox r-16 with an 8500, pure silence.

  7. BiltRiteGarageDoors
    6 years ago

    Well done. We install garage doors in Columbia SC. Making a video like this
    is a great idea. We have made some informative articles/posts but haven’t
    branched out into videos like this. Way to go. You can see what we’ve done
    on our site: biltritegaragedoors(dot)com

  8. Turbo Jones
    6 years ago

    this video is part of the problem. This is exacly why Joe nobody thinks he
    can safely work on springs and gets his fingers cut off.

  9. Dave PlugMan
    6 years ago

    nice music, whos that.

  10. SammyM00782
    6 years ago

    And you’re picture suggest you work for overhead door…not exactly
    anywhere near the best doors I’ve ever ripped out….just like those
    rebranded Genies you sold.

  11. DungeonsDeepRecords
    6 years ago

    Hey! Their door was already fine!

  12. SammyM00782
    6 years ago

    There’s no way all of that was done in under 2 hours. I’ve been at this 10
    years, no way even 2 guys could do all that in under 2 hours. Even skipping
    important steps and installing that shit Genie opener should take up to 4
    hours unless you’re just “Slapping it in.” It takes me 1 1/2 hrs to R&R an
    opener and you’re doing both? I call shenanigans

  13. antijaripeos
    6 years ago

    it seems to me that you hiring ilegal aliens !! so you can save lots of
    money, dude !!

  14. superherojohn
    6 years ago

    Thanks, I’m across the country and will never buy a door from you but I
    found the very helpful.

  15. MrGdmike
    6 years ago

    no safety gloves or glasses accident waiting to happen mesa BIG NO NO

  16. doorman870
    6 years ago


  17. Renier van niekerk
    6 years ago

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  18. NJPoolboy
    6 years ago

    dude. 7 foot door. not home to a monster truck. I think you also forgot
    about the tires.

  19. patriotbri
    6 years ago

    Here’s another unsolicited critique. Crappy way to do your back hangs, if
    customer hangs drywall you can never adjust them. To release your spring
    tension, lift the door up, pop off the cables and set the door down. Stop
    using the the Genie 1024, to many call back issues, the ProMax 500 is a
    great unit.

  20. To Lee
    6 years ago

    Thank God for mute buttons!!!

  21. Tim Thompson
    6 years ago

    close up orf work would be good cant see track install and alot else

  22. Orrphan
    6 years ago

    mesa is a very bad company and the piece of crap commercial that gets aired
    with that retard talking to the public like we are idiots is a complete
    joke. All I hear from people who have used them is how bad this co is and
    they rip you off.

  23. internet123ism
    6 years ago

    step 2 can actually kill you and yet the camera guy didn’t give us a closeup

  24. chicagolandhobby
    6 years ago

    why did you put in a genie?????? LiftMaster is sooooooooo much better than

  25. Mitch Mabee
    6 years ago

    Wouldn’t have been able to do it without the porn music.