How to install a garage door weather seal

This video shows how to install a garage door weather seal to the floor beneath the door. This seal will prevent water, snow, leaves and vermin from entering via the gap beneath the garage…

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  1. girlsdrinkfeck
    6 years ago

    isnt mastic great ? we used to bodge council houses roof repairs ( cuz of
    council demands budgets ) by fixing broken cement or clay roof tiles with
    guttering mastic ,and let me tell u ,2 years visiting the same houses ,them
    glued tiles are still affixed ! so any mastic to a concrete floor to a
    rubber strip will hold EASILY for many years?

  2. Tracy Roberts
    6 years ago

    That looks simple enough. Thanks so much for posting this. I am trying to
    help upgrade my parents’ house and this is exactly what I need to do. Right
    now they have an older manual garage door so I am assuming that I will have
    to wait until the new door is installed before doing this. Also, thanks for
    the heads up about insulating the garage door. The cold that comes in
    through the garage right now is appalling. I’ll definitely be doing that
    too. :)?

  3. linda leonard
    6 years ago

    where do you buy this?

  4. 1973Robski
    6 years ago

    nice, thumbs up ! ?

  5. joeshaft
    6 years ago

    whats that you fitted to the back of the garage door? sound proofing???

  6. whotusay750
    6 years ago

    Spot on.?

  7. duffy english
    6 years ago

    Thanks for the great video. I’ve been going to do this for ages, but wasn’t
    sure how. No excuse now for not doing it. Thanks again!?

  8. Hanzon
    6 years ago

    Nice, clear demonstration. Many thanks. What is that lining on the inside
    of the door for, by the way ??

  9. Ultimate Handyman
    6 years ago

    No, it is designed for this purpose! These seals have been driven over with
    a 14 tonne steam roller and have not been damaged ;-)

  10. Ultimate Handyman
    6 years ago

    You are welcome Thanks for the comment

  11. Ultimate Handyman
    6 years ago

    You are welcome Thanks for the comment

  12. ADeadRat ADR
    6 years ago

    The door looks like its made out of solid concrete :D?

  13. Ultimate Handyman
    6 years ago

    I think mine was a similar price. Now I just need to install some frost
    heaters in there ;-)

  14. caskwith
    6 years ago

    What’s the height on that seal, the gap on my door is pretty large in
    places. To be fair though it’s pretty large all the way around, if i had my
    way it would be bricked up with a window and UPVC door ;)

  15. Zeamus634
    6 years ago

    Can you still get garage door mounting kits? Bloody things snapped and I
    don’t want to buy another door as well.

  16. Richard Zheng
    6 years ago

    Can this work if you cut the strip into smaller sectors so it’s easier to
    glue it down perfectly

  17. Luke Evans
    6 years ago

    U should do a workshop tour

  18. ibrahim alalaty
    6 years ago

    great thank you !

    6 years ago

    Thanks for the film, it is somthing I have planned to do for a long time.
    The Garage Door Guru

  20. Ultimate Handyman
    6 years ago

    I swept it clean, I am sure I mentioned this in the video ;-)

  21. topbanana188
    6 years ago

    Nice job. Might as well paint the floor now!

  22. Ultimate Handyman
    6 years ago

    I have been planning to, but might be screeding it first. Not a five minute
    job so it might have to wait till next year ;-) Thanks for the comment

  23. antraciet
    6 years ago

    No cleaning of the underground first ?

  24. Ultimate Handyman
    6 years ago

    You can get most spares for garage doors from ebay etc.

  25. Ultimate Handyman
    6 years ago

    I would not cut it as you run the chance or water getting through it. It’s
    not difficult to install (honestly)