How To Program Your Garage Door Opener On Your BMW

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  1. Zvonimir Brizar
    6 years ago



  2. shariel givagivood
    6 years ago

    How do you only delete meromry from one of the bottons or two bottons and
    leaving button number 1??

  3. Sonwabo Sulupha
    6 years ago

  4. andrej zupevc
    6 years ago

    Great wizzard, thanks for sharing your knowledge.?

  5. Chris Lucas
    6 years ago

    Perfect. Two step procedure works for the i3 too.?

  6. John Hess
    6 years ago

    this was so helpful, especially how to set your garage door opener. thanks
    for taking the time to post it?

  7. Stan Ploar
    6 years ago

    Does the BMW button work without the key in the car??

  8. Stan Ploar
    6 years ago

    I wouldn’t want my car to be able to operate my garage door. If your car
    is outside your garage a person could get in it and open your garage door
    and get in your house (assuming it works without a key, which I don’t
    know). I’d rather have a keychain remote that stays with me at all times.?

  9. Pedro Cervantes
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much, my sales person had no idea how to do it and this was a
    very useful video, now off to watch the video on how to program my gate! ?

  10. Brian Kim
    6 years ago

    thank you. it work!?

  11. Darin Daniel
    6 years ago

    Thank you, This really helped ?

  12. Robert Tolentino
    6 years ago

    You sure explained this better than a dealer!!! Thanks a lot!?

  13. rdvideoclips
    6 years ago

    Thanks. Well I will give this a try. However, I programmed the button in
    my 2011 X5 50i a couple of years ago and it has always worked fine. Now
    I’m trying to program the button in my new BMW 135 and I can’t get it to
    work. For a rolling code opener the handbook says to press the button on
    the garage door opener first and while it is flashing fast, you have about
    30 seconds to push the desired button on the mirror 3 times! However,
    this does not work. Anyone else had this same problem??

  14. Nathan Shih
    6 years ago

    Thanks I got this to work! Though with mine, after successful programming,
    I have to hold the homelink button down for what seems like 5 seconds
    before it’ll open/close the garage door. I know I have good range because
    with my remotes, I can simply push it from pretty far away and it
    opens/closes the door right away. Any ideas??

  15. jerlands
    6 years ago

    I had tried to program my opener without first programming the remote to
    the vehicle because of a dead battery. After watching this video it
    convinced me to go out and get the battery and viola…?

  16. allmc23
    6 years ago

    This did work on my car but it erased all of my other garage door openers I
    had in my other cars . How can fix this problem ??

  17. DIYsavecash
    6 years ago

    Awesome I glad it work well. Thank you for watching.

  18. marc thibodeau
    6 years ago

    Gosh, thank you thank you thank you………….sometimes nothing comes
    easy but because of your kindness to post this video; my problem is solved!

  19. Danielle Zayatz
    6 years ago

    My light never flashes quickly…any ideas?

  20. DIYsavecash
    6 years ago

    Awesome will do, thanks for watching. I’ll let you know when it’s uploaded.

  21. DIYsavecash
    6 years ago

    Wonderful I’m glad the video could help for your E46, thanks for watching
    the video.:)

  22. DIYsavecash
    6 years ago

    Hello, ok I did some research and filmed what I came up with any questions
    just give me a shout. Thanks for watching God Bless.

  23. DecemberMoonGoddess
    6 years ago

    I’ve done this over and over but after I press and hold the garage door
    opener and the button it does not flash quickly the light goes off. What
    should I do?

  24. Robert Yanal
    6 years ago

    You’ve cleared out all the codes in the garage door opener. Does the
    “regular” garage door opener (i.e. not the BMW) need to be reprogrammed?

  25. DIYsavecash
    6 years ago

    Hello Eric, Yes this should be the same process for your car. I believe
    your memory buttons are located in the same spot on the rear view mirror?
    If so, it should work well. Happy fixing and let me know if you run into
    any troubles. Thanks for watching.